The New Standard
in Cyber Security 


Using one of the world's most advanced cybersecurity training and assessment platform.

A must for Computer / IT students - CyAP certification and the international exposure during programme will make a big impact in strengthening the profile and CV of students wishing to apply to international universities or pursue management degrees.

CyAP Programme

Become industry ready for a Cyber Resilient world

What is CyAP? 

Cyber Aware Professional (CyAP) Certification is a new generation industry readiness programme in Cybersecurity using a mix of futuristic gamified learning experience, international exposure and peer to peer learning through international networking.

Who is it for?  

CyAP is beneficial for all Computer Science / IT students who wish to become both job and industry ready and also for those who wish to apply for international universities or pursue management degrees.

Who is offering it?  

CyAP is offered by Ureka Education UK in association with one of the world’s most advanced cybersecurity training platform, globally ranked in 10 Most Trusted Cybersecurity Solution Providers by CIO Views in 2021.

Should I do it even if I am not interested in making a career  in Cybersecurity?  

Yes, simply because Cybersecurity has become a topic of importance in all fields and industries so CyAP certification will help you in demonstrating your basic knowledge in the field that will be advantageous in any role.

Can CyAP get me a job?  

CyAP can get you an international internship in Dubai and if you successfully complete all three levels you will stand a very good chance of getting an entry level job as you would have been assessed and certified to have industry required skills. 

Gamified Platform

Practical learning using futuristic gamified platform for maximum retention.

International Expert Sessions

Learn the latest skills and get career advice from Cybersecurity experts  from around the world.

Lifetime Membership

Get membership to international association, attend international

conferences, access to international internship and job opportunities.

CyAP Benefits 

Experiential Learning

Attend the classes and then practically apply your learning on a mission. Battle rooms help users practice foundational skills and explore cyber tools.

Skill Building

Learn Python Coding for Cybersecurity. Get free vouchers for Communication Skills & American Accent training for engineers. 

Global Networking

Build your international professional network to get international career

opportunities and enable knowledge exchange.

The 7 Immediate & Tangible Benefits of CyAP

  1. ​​​International Certificate from UK - strengthens the CV

  2. Paid International Internship Opportunities in Dubai - rare to find, could be extremely useful for careers

  3. Learn most-in-demand, must have skills - Python Coding for Cybersecurity, Communication Skills for Engineers, American Accent Training

  4. Develop an International Network of extremely relevant students, professors and industry experts - chose your mentors who could be directly beneficial in your career advancement 

  5. Work on one of the world’s most advanced Cybersecurity training platform and get a futuristic gamified learning experience. 

  6. Be industry ready - with the multi faceted interaction and engagement with international students and the network you develop know exactly what the industry needs

  7. Be job ready - by completing three levels of CyAP and under guidance of international experts you will be ready to take up any entry level job in Cybersecurity. Learn from the likes of Cybersecurity expert from NATO, Faculty in Residence from Google and similar profile of experts.

 Level 1 (for beginners) 
The programme includes:


Before going onto the platform, fundamentals of 12 Cybersecurity topics of interest included in the certification are taught through instructor led, live classes on zoom.  


International Workshops & Activtiies 

- 3 sessions with Global Cyber Experts

- Python Coding for Cybersecurity  course

- Communicaiton Skills & American Accent Training


Networking Session with Cybersecurity students from 3 international universities including University of Maryland to share best practices on how to prepare for success.


Real world missions on world’s most advanced platform. Use state of the art cyber range to get hands on practice on of real world scenarios of cybercrime.


Career Bootcamp by Talent Development Manager of a leading Cybersecurity services company in London too ensure participants are job and industyr ready.

Founding Partners

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Duration: 4 weeks
Format: Virtual with live sessions
Time: 4 hours / week
(2 hours per day over weekends)
Fee: USD 65 per participant

Dates: 26th March – 24th April 2022
*subsequent batches available on later dates

Cybersecurity areas covered in the programme:

1. File Analysis
2. Port Scanning
3. SQL Injection

4. Local File Inclusion
5. Vulnerability Exploitation
6. Bypassing
7. Flooding Attacks
8. Denial of Service (DoS) Attacks
​9. Misconfiguration
10. Metadata
12. Data Tampering


Suitable for:

a. IT / Computer Science / Cybersecurity students
b. Self-trained Cybersecurity enthusiasts
c. BCA / MCA students

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