About Us

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Ureka Education is a tertiary education provider established in London in 2014 by a group of Sloan Fellows from London Business School. It has offices in Oxford, Lyon and Dubai, a Social Entrepreneurship Centre in India and has recently setup a Research Institute in France.

Ureka is the largest provider of experiential learning programs in the IMEA region in terms of content & coverage. A key distinguishing feature of Ureka is its strong global network of professionals and academics enabled through its senior leadership team and advisors who come from some of the best institutions in the world.

The Ureka Group comprises six companies having offices in the United Kingdom, United Arab Emirates, a Social Entrepreneurship Centre in India and Research Institute in France and has previously run programmes in eight cities across the world.

Ureka over the years has worked with some of the best and most prestigious academic and government institutions in various facets of internationalisation, entrepreneurship and skills development activities.

The mission at Cympire is to help you improve your organization’s cybersecurity skills and readiness by providing top-notch hands-on training for IT professionals on Cympire’s cyber range platform. Having mission-ready cybersecurity professionals will allow organisations to have the resources to counteract tomorrow’s cyber threats.


If you’re looking to improve the cyber resilience of your organization, you’ve come to the right place. With our cloud-based SaaS cyber range, you get to provide a platform where your employees / students can train on various cybersecurity scenarios, allowing them to enhance their knowledge and reaction speed against threats over time.


All trainees are subjected to an entirely gamified environment that mimics their own working environment. Participants can train while using a vast number of integrated cyber defensive tools to minimise their response time under fire.


Cympire presents you with a vast choice of existing cyber training scenarios. Our catalog is constantly updated reflecting the latest cyber threats and vulnerabilities for participants to train on. 


For any CyAP related enquiries please write to Mr Wael Azeem at wael@cyaps.com or call +971 52 738 8583