Dr Duska Rosenberg
Cyber Awareness Award & Grants
for Computer Science Departments & Faculty

Become a Cyber awareness champion and get a Ureka grant to develop world class expertise in Cybersecurity education. 

For Faculty
from Participating Institutions:

For faculty from institutions whose students undertake the CyAP programme, we offer the following:

  • International FDP worth $400 - attend for free, International Faculty Development Programme titled Making Cybersecurity Teaching More Practical & Hands-on by an Industry Expert from Israel and UK with verified e-Certificate from Ureka UK.

  • International Conference Pass worth $300 – attend for free, CyAP Conference in Dubai / Spain in Dec 2022 with potential speaking opportunities.

  • Paid International Projects - chance to get selected for the CyAP Train the Trainer Programme that would create opportunities to undertake paid international projects (part time) with Ureka UK.

  • Get Recognition for the Department - participate in the Dr Duska Rosenberg Award for Cyber Awareness for Computer Science Departments at recognised universities and institutions. 

Given every quarter, this award will be given to computer science and related departments at higher education institutions that help us spread Cyber awareness to maximum number of students using the free resources from Ureka Foundation. 

The winners will get:

  • Citation & Trophy recognising their efforts to spread Cyber awareness

  • Prizes worth USD 3000 as follows

    • 10 free places for their students on Python for Cybersecurity course worth $1000

    • 5 free places for their students on the 8 weeks Global Trainee Programme - Cybersecurity / Data science worth $1300 

    • 3 free passes worth $700 to the Cybersecurity Conference to be held in Dubai / Spain worth with speaker opportunities (potentially)

Eligibility Criterion:

  • You are part of a recognised university or higher education institution.

  • Are able to sign-up at least 150 students (from your institution or outside) for the free Cyber events organised by Ureka Foundation. 

Dr Duska Rosenberg Award for Cyber Awareness

Ureka Foundation
Grant Scheme

A capacity building initiative 

The Ureka Foundation Grant Scheme will include the following:

  • Setting up of a Cybersecurity Training Lab at the institution or upgrading it if the lab is already present.

  • Scholarship worth $1000 to two students studying / specialising in Cybersecurity 

  • Entry to Tech-in-Residence Programme, whereby the institution will get access to courses by international tech leaders in Cyber security.

Basic criterion for the Grant

Ureka Foundation shall continuously assess the participating institutions outreach strategy and efforts over a period of one calendar year. Institutions that spread Cyber awareness to maximum numbers of students will qualify for the grant. 

The participating universities/colleges shall enter into an agreement with Ureka Foundation to:

  • Co-brand and Promote Ureka Education UK's services amongst its students using online and offline media on a regular basis.

  • Help establish and promote the DSAC Club. 

  • Co-organise and host international events, conferences, seminars that may include visits by international executive speakers, experts, faculty and students invited by Ureka to your city.

  • Co-organise with Ureka, international and national conferences, seminars, events etc by means of nominating experts faculty from the institution as 
    speakers, panelists etc.